Titanium Dioxide THA-100

Titanium Dioxide THA-100


THTiO2 anatase type titanium dioxide THA-100 is manufactured with mature sulfate process technology, and the product is characterized by excellent whiteness & tinting strength, good particle distribution & easy dispersion.


钛白粉 THR-128


● Good optical properties        ● Strong hiding power and tinting strength        ● Excellent whiteness & gloss 


钛白粉 THR-128

钛白粉 THR-128

● Interior coatings & paints, plastics

(masterbatch), ceramics, ink,

paper-make,color paste and sheet


钛白粉 THR-128


Content of Titanium Dioxide


Relative Brightness (L * Test / L * S)


Oil Absorption (g/100g)


PH Value of Aqueous Suspension


105°C Volatile


Water-Soluble Substance Content


Sieve residue (45μm)


Relative Tinctorial Strength




钛白粉 THR-128

钛白粉 THR-128


25kg/ PE bag, 500kg or 1000kg/ton bag


Remarks: Store the product in a humid environment, outdoor exposure and contamination, and keep the product dry and not in direct contact with water or moisture. Safety gloves, goggles and respirators with submicron particle filtration are required for workers to come into contact with the product.



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