Micronized Barium Sulfate TH-10

Micronized Barium Sulfate TH-10


Barium sulphate is a widely used industrial filler. Tianhong barium sulfate product has high purity, stable quality, excellent whiteness and gloss, uniform particle size distribution, and can be customized. It is mainly used in coatings, paints and plastics. In the fields of rubber, ceramics, batteries and friction materials, it can improve the gloss and stability of products, enhance the strength and rigidity of products, and improve the weather resistance of products.




● Coatings, powder coatings, brake pads,

rubber, ceramics, plastics, adhesive,

heavy duty coatings,anti-corrosion



钛白粉 THR-128

TH-10 Micronized Barium Sulfate

Content of BaSO4 %

≥ 97

Specific Gravity (g/cm3)

≥ 4.25

Particle Size D50 (μm)


Particle Size D97 (μm)


PH Value


Whiteness (L Value) %

≥ 90

Moisture %

≤ 0.2

Oil Absorption (g/100g)

≤ 14

Residue Greater than 45μm


Loss on Ignition (%)

≤ 0.5

Micronized Barium Sulfate TH-10


钛白粉 THR-128



25kg/ PE bag, 500kg or 1000kg/ton bag


Remarks: Store the product in a humid environment, outdoor exposure and contamination, and keep the product dry and not in direct contact with water or moisture. Safety gloves, goggles and respirators with submicron particle filtration are required for workers to come into contact with the product.



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